Your dirty laundry stinks

I'm sure gossips sometimes believe they’re a noble whistleblower making the public aware of some abuse. But usually gossip is the product of low self-esteem, jealousy, frustration, and anger. It’s an attempt by someone to make themselves look better and more righteous. And usually it backfires. Everyone’s dirty laundry stinks. Yours is no exception.

Gossips congregate. Their mutual dependency on negativity sustains one another and, eventually, isolates them from the folks who couldn’t care less about their drama. Are you in a pocket of negativity? Step away and consider spending time with people who are more constructive with their energy. 

Present yourself to the world as a gossip and you will be judged accordingly - personally and professionally. Rise above this. If you have issues, take them to the source. Talk directly to the people with whom you have a problem.