Disturbed Tour

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At a meeting recently someone asked everyone at the table to recount their ‘weirdest’ job. While I wouldn’t classify this as weird it was quite an experience. In 2001 I was hired to travel with and document the band Disturbed on a tour in the United States (Detroit, Dayton, Montreal, Toronto, Madison, St. Paul, Asbury Park, Chicago, Lowell, Minneapolis, New York, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, and Cleveland). For a month I lived the metal life, documented it all and wrote about the experience on their website. Thank you Dan, Fuzz, Mikey and David. Also, very special thanks to Greg Spotts and Rafa Alcantara for making this possible.

I tried to support the idea of the band as rock stars but also show them in quieter moments, as real people, and I appreciate that they gave me that kind of access. And the fans were incredible: sincere and focused. I heard countless stories how the band saved them from some circumstance outside of their control. Through the music they found the power to survive and their dedication was inspiring.


The video quality is horrible, a wash of pixels, but that’s what I had to work with back in 2001. With both the photos and videos I tried to provide fans access to the life beyond what they’d see onstage or packaged as marketing material.