Concept, Design, Development

As initially conceived this two week prototype was going to be a narrative in complete darkness but as I began laying out the level I found myself growing attached to the feedback opportunities that visuals allow. I still wanted an opportunity to experiment with audio so I used Unity's 3D sounds, particularly playing with the doppler effect. This prototype has one level of three that are planned - representing the shamanic journey including the underworld, middle world and upper world - and each level will unlock narrative specific to a question the user has selected to begin the experience. Thanks Sam and Adriano at Playcrafting and special thanks to Carmine Guida for helping with the trickier bits of code.


Initially I wanted to map internal dialog in a non-visual space but as I designed the level I started relating to the concept more to the shamanic journey, and my own experiences with ayahuasca and shamanic meditation, which influenced the look and feel. The color and lo-poly idealization of the landscape are similar to what I see during meditation.

The Story

When journeying a shaman will often enter the meditation/dream state with a question in mind. Eventually, in Chimera, the user will be able to select a question at the beginning of the experience and unlock dialog in each of the three levels that relates to internal dialog, the influence of others and the environment.