Photos by Monzeeki -

Photos by Monzeeki -

I'm a visual designer, artist, teacher, musician and story teller. I'm deeply interested in process and the connections across media. I'm particularly drawn to projects that have mainstream appeal with quirk, or twist, in the implementation that offers an element of surprise. Emotions are the shortcut to the heart and I try to find the emotion in all of my work.

I'm an adjunct professor at Parsons School of Design in the Design and Technology program (BFA and MFA). As a consultant my recent work has focused on UI/UX - applied to apps, websites and environments - and the integration of technology into museum exhibit design with the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History.

In the 14 years I was with Large Animal Games I was the Lead Artist or Art Director for over 100 mobile, online, social and PC downloadable games. Four of which, AlphaQUEUE, Rocketbowl, Saints & Sinners Bowling, and Snapshot Adventures have been IGF Finalists. 

Since 1989 I've been fortunate to work with a range of clients, from the smallest indie shops to some of the world's biggest brands. In that time I’ve done just about everything; I've worked as a professional political cartoonist, comic book illustrator, animator, product designer, web developer, game designer, video blogger, author, and more. Past clients have included The Museum of Man,, Mattel, MTV Networks, Universal Studios, LEGO, the Sci-Fi Channel, Tommy Hilfiger, NFL, Nascar, The Gap, Sony Records, RCA Records, Epitaph Records, CNBC, The Ethiopian Commentator, Pastor Troy, Busta Rhymes, MaMaMedia, the LA Galaxy, the nu-metal band Disturbed, and Nickelodeon.

I worked side by side with Brad for 3 years at Large Animal and here’s the long and the short: I’ve never worked with a better Art Director or better person. Not only is he a talented artist in his own right, but knew his staff’s skills and how to motivate them better than any I’ve worked with before or since. He cares deeply about the work, the team and the people who comprise it. If you’re part of a small company, Brad’s the guy to help build an art department. If you’re part of a large one, Brad will help you get the most from your staff. Go for it!
— Douglas Yellin, Capital One