Panera Bread: How not to design a menu

I recently had an experience with such terrible design that I can’t stop thinking about it - the Panera Bread menu.

What’s the difference between a Cafe Sandwich and a Signature Sandwich? A Signature Panini and a Premium Signature Panini? A Cafe Salad, Signature Salad and a Premium Signature Salad?

It's so crowded with nonsesne I chose the only item that read clearly - the gloriously photographed, 'seasonal promotion' that paired two items and costs more than anything else. I’m sure that’s by design but as a customer I felt manipulated. Panera can afford effective, focus-tested, design so the only conclusion I can make is that the orchestrated confusion serves their corporate bottom line. That's fine, all menus do this, but when they're designed well the consumer still feels empowered. Panera's menu sucks. Rant complete.