Take it to the gutter

Don't overthink what you share and don’t be afraid to take it to the gutter. Once you're in the gutter the only direction to go is up.

If you’re unafraid of looking foolish the people around you will be more likely to take risks. Share the weird shit. Train yourself to push buttons and be an open channel. You'll get some rejection but its better to get a reaction than to be ignored. If you help someone articulate your failure you’ve prompted discourse. That’s art. And art isn’t always friendly. It doesn’t always please the masses. It can rankle and divide. That’s its power. It is emotional.

Be brave. Be foolish. Try the unexpected and be prepared to fail. Fail often and fail fast. Let it guide you - it will help you learn and focus your efforts.  What is truly a failure - an idea executed or an idea left unexplored?