Video Gamers United
Panel Discussion, "The Evolution of Video Games"
August, 2014, Washington DC 

Hackers Play Spaze
Speaker, "The Spirit of Play"
August, 2104, New York, NY 

The Society of Illustrators
Moderator, "Tools not Rules: Panel Discussion"
March, 2014, New York, NY

The Society of Illustrators
Panelist, "From Art School to Game Careers"
January 2012, New York, NY

GDC China
Speaker, "Finding the Artistic Soul of Your Social Game"
2009, Shanghai, China

America’s Video Game Expo
Panelist, “Tighten Up the Controls on Level 2”
November 2006, Pennsylvania Convention Center, PA

Panelist,Hi-res vs. Lo-res Graphics: A Game Design Debate”, Panelist
May 2005, New York, NY; “Low-res Art” 

America’s Video Game Expo
Speaker, "Specialization in the Visual Arts”, Speaker
November 2006, Pennsylvania Convention Center, PA.