Projection mapping

I took a projection mapping workshop in NYC at CultureHub. The workshop was led by CHiKA and covered the basics of setting up for projection mapping and exploring a few different pipelines. Here are a few of my sketches produced using a combination of MadMapper, modul8 and Vezer.


(Non)Imaginary Spaces tattoo party in Berlin

This isn’t my art project specifically but it was an experiment. As part of a collaborative partnership between Parsons and KISD we took 45 students on an investigative art/design trip to Berlin and Paris. While in Paris we discovered one of the KISD students, Elena, was also a tattoo artist. We organized a tattoo party at Letters Are My Friends in which attendees pulled one-word prompts from a bin and then sketched a tattoo idea based on the prompt. Sketches were hung on the wall and party goers could choose from among them to get an actual tattoo. Mine was designed by Shirley Leung.