Blue, Through and Through

“The sky is blue, so why are you?” said the songbird to the chameleon.

“The view is stunning,” said the lizard, “it’s true, but I’m not meant to be flying like helium. God’s gift to me, is color you see, and my color is that of my surroundings.”

“Hmmm," pondered the songbird, "that won’t help you eat and it won’t help you breed; I confess your gift is a little confounding.”

“I share your confusion and would add some of my own,” said chameleon, “for I should be nearly invisible. On dirt I am brown and on grass I am green and my ability is usually reliable.”

“Well, you are hard to see,” said the songbird, “and your color confused me but my vision is really quite keen. If I see a twig move there isn’t much more to prove and its almost as if you’ve been seen.”

“Ah, that’s good to know and in the future I'll show,” said chameleon, “how still and concealed I can be." She swished her tail in the air. "Now I'm sure I'm not getting lighter and I have babies to feed, so you can drop me off wherever you’d like to.”

“I’m sorry to say this just isn’t your day but we won’t be flying much longer,” said the songbird as her talons squeezed just a little bit tighter. “Though you should know I have babies as well and God's gift seems to have failed you.”