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Tools not Rules

Real tools, real easy. Tools not Rules is practical design philosophy for designers and creative professionals who make cool stuff on demand. The tools come from over 20 years experience developing products solo, in teams and across disciplines.

The focus is on straight forward concepts that make you creative life simpler and more effective.

A bi-coastal improv dance party

The Shuffle Dance Challenge (SDC) is a bicoastal monthly dance event in New York City and Los Angeles. At face value it's a night of improvised dance performances to a cross-genre playlist that is designed to challenge performers, pushing them to the limits of creativity.

At a deeper level it's an opportunity for dancers, and their audience, to share the process of creation. And it's probably the most fun you'll ever have at a dance show.


As a musician I play with a variety of musicians and bands in and around New York City. I've toured the world with DjinnBeatbox GuitarBellydance Evolution and Bellyqueen

I co-host the weekly underground bellydance party, Djam NYC,  and MC events all around New York City. If I'm not playing music I'm either talking about it or helping the night run smoothly.

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