Don't let pain distract you

Intentions follow thoughts. If you’re focused on obstacles you risk losing site of your goal. Pain can be physical, mental, emotional and range from the merely distracting to all-consuming. No matter what it’s shape or form you need find a way to move forward. The amount of work you can get done may be influenced by the discomfort but there is almost always a way to maintain momentum. You are defined by where you place your energy - if you focus on discomfort your life will be about obstacles. Focus on solutions and your life will be about solving problems.

What kind of pain is currently distracting you? A physical injury? Discomfort because you’re learning something new and out of your element? Maybe you’re just overwhelmed by the volume of your responsibilities. Break down your goals and prioritize them. Now break down your discomfort and make a plan for dealing with it. Focus on what you can do, not on what you can’t do.