How to find your creative voice: Do your thing. Alot.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a baker, a sculptor, a dancer, a designer an illustrator or any other kind of creative explorer - if you want to develop a recognizable vision, a creative voice, you need to maintain an output of finished pieces. Keeping a log of ideas like a sketchbook is great but you need to produce final work. Do this and patterns, themes and details of execution will emerge.

Imitating others is a great tool and I recommend working in other styles to develop a deeper experience and set of tools to work with, but if you truly want to express your identity through your creative output it’s simple: do the thing you love. 

You can always become a chameleon and match styles to insure a paycheck but as you spend time deveoping your personal style don't worry about the end product. Focus on making stuff. Make it a daily habit and allow yourself to evolve over time.