Share more, learn more

I've been illustrated and designing for over 20 years and during that time I've developed a number methodolgies, and a mindset, that help me make creative stuff. For the past five years I've been taking notes and documenting these ideas so I can better teach the artists that work with me. Not surprisingly, the more I teach the more I learn. And the more I teach the more I realize I have to offer.

I realized my notes currently would make over a years of daily design-related posts and I figure this information is meant to be shared. Your time is precious so I'll strive to be concise and focus on usable ideas. Ideally you can read a post and apply what you learned immediately. 

Please feel free to comment on these posts. I'll be sharing my ideas but I don't expect they work for everyone and other people may have better versions of the ideas I express. If you do, let me know.